Glycerine soaps


The glycerine soaps are known for 200 years. They are with a high glycerine content, which is the component of all oils. They are turbid to limpid. They are foamy and are consumed quickly. Because of the high alchohol content they retain the aromatic substances and do not change them. The glycerine soaps are melted soaps, produced of pure raw materials of high quality.

The glycerine soaps Mariah’s face are the first probiotic soaps, containing Bulgarian probiotics and herbs, picked up for the different skin types. Lactobacillus bulgaricus promotes the decreasing of inflammations and allergic processes and cures the skin. The milk amino acids and fats feed up the skin and increase the new cells formation. Pectin cleans up the skin. The herbal extracts and oils exert their specific effects. The lack of synthetic colouring and aromatic agents protects sensitive skins and prevents allergies. The glycerine soaps don’t contain any chemicals and preservatives. They can be used every day without any adverse effects and undesired reactions. The glycerine soaps moisturize the skin and make it soft, fresh and young.

We produce two types glycerine soaps: