Contemporary probiotics


The elaboration of the contemporary probiotics began in 1980 as a task set by the Bulgarian government. The task was to produce special foodstuffs and products for the international space programme “Interspace”. It was assigned on the basis of the experience which we gained during the elaboration of foodstuffs intended for pilots from the air forces and sailors from the navy. We have already had the experience with the elaboration of foodstuffs intended for seriously ill people and for sportsmen preparing for Olympian, World and other competitions. We had made a lot of experimental and clinical researches before giving the new products to people put under the mentioned extreme conditions, as these researches are still in progress. The first probiotics were given as a food to the space-men from the Bulgarian space programme. The next generations of probiotics are still in use by the Bulgarian contingent of our missions in Cambodia, Iraq, Kosovo and Afganistan. The old technologies for probiotic production make probiotics liquid and they contain only probiotic bacteria. They must be stored in fridges at temperatures below zero, which makes them unsuitable for mass application. With the new technologies we produce probiotics in powder by drying them (lyophilization) at a temperature of 50º C below zero. Some French companies envelop the probiotic bacteria with synthetic proteins. The way of obtaining our probiotics and their storage at room temperatures is under international patent protection. Still during the fermentation part of the amino acids and carbohydrates envelop the lactobacilli and keep them alive for more than two years at a temperature of 24º C.

There is no other technology like this in the world through which the cells of Lactobacillus bulgaricus remain alive naturally at room temperatures. Actually this technology is very close to the natural processes. In production of probiotics we use certain strains of Lactobacillus bulgaricus that have remained through the ages and have proven beneficial properties. Our probiotics are super concentrates of live cells of Lactobacillus bulgaricus which is difficult to be achieved by the other production processes. Our probiotics satisfy the modern way of life.