Human and probiotics



Irregular feeding and the wrong combination of different foodstuffs may cause a great number of diseases. The functions of the organs, such as stomach, gall, liver, pancreas, can be disturbed. As not all foods are healthful, but they give us pleasure, we should take foodstuffs to regulate the functions of the digestive system and the organs.

  • Laktera Forte and Biomilk Colon (functional food) are suitable in cases of gastric and duodenal ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori.
  • Biomilk Hepanorm (functional food) and Biomilk Hepanorm Forte – capsules regulate and restore the functions of the liver in cases of diseases of toxic and inflammatory origin.
  • Laktera Rose Oil is suitable for gall troubles (inflammations, gall-stones).
  • Biomilk Colon (functional food) and Laktera Collection regulate the functions of the intestines, decrease the putrefactive processes in the large intestine, they have beneficial effect in cases of colitis, colitis ulcero-haemorrhagica, Crohn’s disease.
  • Biomilk Vital (functional food), Laktera Optima Plus and Biomilk Liponorm capsules are suitable for regulation of the functions of the pancreas .
  • Biomilk Colon (functional food), Laktera Collection, Laktera Fibres and Biomilk Vital (functional food) are suitable for prevention of diseases of the digestive system.


Cardio-vascular troubles – infarction and stroke are widespread. Rational feeding combined with probiotic functional food and symbiotics guarantees the proper functioning and prevention of that system which is very important.

  • In cases of lipid metabolism disorder, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol levels – Biomilk Liponorm capsules, Laktera Optima Plus, Biomilk Hepanorm (functional food).
  • High blood pressure – Laktera RR .
  • Low blood pressure – Laktera Forte .
  • In cases of troubles of the blood vessels and varicose veins – Biomilk Aloe Vera (functional food), Biomilk Aloe Vera capsules .
  • For prevention of cardio-vascular diseases – Biomilk Hepanorm (functional food), Biomilk Liponorm capsules, Laktera Optima and Laktera Optima Plus .


Each external stimulation reflects on the nerves. The probiotic functional food and the symbiotics feed the brain cells and remove the toxins out of them. Taking the products for a long time stimulates and steadies the nerves.

  • For people under stress and strain – Laktera Relax and Biomilk Comfort (functional food or capsules).
  • In cases of exhausting physical work and mental pressure – Lactera Tonus, Laktera Forte, Biomilk Cafe (functional food), Biomilk Power Energy (functional food and capsules).
  • For prevention of diseases of the nervous system – Biomilk Power Energy (functional food and capsules), Laktera Forte, Laktera Collection .


The respiratory organs are directly connected with the environment and are extremely vulnerable to viruses and bacterial inflammations. Polluted air and smoking are preconditions for inflammations of the lungs. Children suffer more often from respiratory diseases.

  • For inflammations – Biomilk Aloe Vera (functional food and capsules) and Biomilk Power Energy (functional food and capsules), Laktera Lions capsules, probiotic honey .
  • For children – Biomilk Young (functional food for children age 1 year and above), Laktera Lions for children aged 3 years and above, probiotic honey.
  • For prevention of respiratory diseases – Biomilk Vital (functional food), Biomilk Young (functional food for children), Laktera Lions, Laktera Collection.


The number of the people with diseases of the joints and bones is increasing. The prevention of the musculoskeletal system must not be postponed. The system can absorb certain compounds of the calcium, phosphorus and potassium. Vitamin D and the hormones promote the full absorption of these compounds. Women should start prevention of osteoporosis at about 30 years of age .

  • In cases of osteoporosis – Biomilk Ostotonin (functional food or capsules) in combination with Magic Power Venus for women and Magic Power Mars for men.
  • For traumata or fractures – Biomilk Ostotonin (functional food and capsules).
  • For prevention of tooth caries – Biomilk Ostotonin (functional food and capsules).
  • For prevention of diseases of the locomotory system – Biomilk Ostotonin (functional food), Magic power Venus (for women), Magic Power Mars (for men).


The endocrine system is a main regulating organ. Probiotics stimulate the immune system and thus regulate the endocrine function and improve the secretion of the glands. We recommend the following products:

  • In cases of thyroid gland troubles – Biomilkn Hepanorm (functional food), Laktera Lions, Laktera Vit.
  • Prevention of the menopause and regulation of the menstruation – Magic Power Venus.
  • For prevention of diseases of the endocrine system – Biomilk Vital (functional food), Biomilk Hepanorm (functional food), Laktera Collection, Laktera Optima, Laktera Optima Plus.


Our products have a great beneficial and preventive effect on kidneys, ureters and bladders.

  • In cases of nephritis and inflammations of the bladder – Biomilk Aloe Vera (functional food and capsules).
  • Renal calculus – Laktera Rose Oil.
  • For prevention of secretion troubles – Biomilk Colon (functional food), Laktera Lions, Laktera Vit, Laktera Collection.


Female and male genitals cause a lot of troubles (especially to old people). The probiotic functional food and symbiotics have a beneficial effect on cysts, myoma, inflammations of the uterus, fallopian tube and the ovaries, as well as on prostate adenomas and erectile dysfunctions. We recommend the following products:

  • For prostate adenoma – Magic Power Mars
  • For myoma, ovary cysts – Biomilk Aloe Vera (functional food and capsules)
  • For inflammations of the female genitals, leucorrhoea – Biomilk Hepanorm (functional food) and Biomilk Vital (functional food) and vaginal lavement with probiotics.
  • For erectile dysfunction of men – Magic Power Erotic, Laktera Tonus.
  • Prevention of genital diseases – Biomilk Vital (functional food), Biomilk Hepanorm (functional food), Laktera Vit, Laktera Collection, Magic Power Mars (men), Magic Power Venus (women).


The skin is an important part of Your body. To maintain beauty, even when you are facing the challenge of time and environment, you can use our products. They have beneficial effects on wounds, rash and many other skin diseases.

  • For beautiful skin – the face packs Mariah’s face respectively for dry skin, oily skin, tired and devitalized skin, irritable and hyperreactive skin and acne. The soaps ?ariah’s face also help to keep up the skin.
  • For wounds, traumata and operations – Biomilk Power Energy (functional food), Biomilk Hepanorm (functional food), Biomilk Aloe Vera (functional food and capsules) and Laktera Forte.
  • In cases of rash, dermatitis, psoriasis – Biomilk Comfort (functional food and capsules).


Every day people are put to the harmful and toxic influence of air, food and water. Medicines, most of which are cell toxicants, also influence on the system. Stress and strain ruin the immune system. Weakened immune system leads to more infections and acute forms of viral and bacterial infections as influenza. The probiotic products strengthen the immune system, decrease risk of diseases, detoxificate the system and reduce stress and fatigue.

  • The following immunostimulators strengthen the immune system: Biomilk Vital (functional food), Biomilk Colon (functional food), Laktera Collection, Laktera Lions, Biomilk Young (functional food for children).
  • For detoxification of the system – Biomilk Hepanorm (functional food), Biomilk Hepanorm Forte capsules, Laktera Optima, Laktera Fibres, Laktera Rose Oil.
  • To ease stress and increase the working capacity – Laktera Lions, Biomilk Comfort (functional food and capsules), Laktera Tonus, Laktera Forte, Laktera Relax.


Pregnancy is a physiological process, and to develop normally the new organism extracts the wholesome substances from the mother. Teeth and bones of the mother are open to injure, because the baby extracts the calcium and the potassium. Probiotic products that do not contain any plant extracts and are not in capsules are suitable for pregnant women.

  • For pregnant women – Biomilk Ostotonin, Colon, Vital, Power Energy (functional food).


Increasing in weight in adults is connected with taking great quantities of food, irregular feeding, food of poor quality, low mobility, endocrine troubles. Increasing of the weight of children leads to increasing of the number of the fatty cells, and with age it becomes a serious precondition for augmentation of their volume, early progress of cardio-vascular diseases and endocrine troubles.

  • Overweight in adults – Biomilk Papaya Vital (functional food and capsules), Biomilk Vital (functional food), Laktera Optima.
  • Overweight in children – Biomilk Vital (functional food), Biomilk Papaya Vital (functional food).


Allergy was first described as a new disease in the beginning of 20th century, when the synthetic chemical substances came into use as medicines. Further mass use of different synthetic chemicals in life, medicine, agriculture, cosmetics and nutrition led to spreading of this disease, to changes of the immune system and allergy even to animals and natural products. Different forms of allergy developed – allergic shock, skin allergy, bronchial asthma, etc.
The most suitable product for allergy is Laktera Rose Oil.


The 20th century has established as the century of chemistry, highly toxic production, pollution and fast food, containing preservatives, colouring agents and genetically manipulated components. All this combined with stress and strain of life leads to increasing of the free radicals (oxidative stress), and cancerous growths.

  • For prevention of cancerous growths, before, during and after chemo- and ray therapy, in cases of anaemia and thrombocytopenia, at radiation hazard: Biomilk Antioxidant (functional food) and Biomilk Antioxidant capsules.
  • In cases of high levels of oxidative stress (free radicals) – Biomilk Antioxidant capsules, Biomilk Papaya Vital (functional food and capsules), Laktera Rose Oil, Laktera Forte.


Prescribing, selling and using antibiotics without any control lead not only to new harmful microbes resistant to antibiotics, but to acute disbacteriosis and favourable conditions for development of parasitic fungi in the body. Antibiotics kill not only the harmful, but also the good probiotic bacteria in the body.

  • Before, during and after antibiotic treatment: Biomilk Colon (functional food), Biomilk Young (functional food for children), Laktera Collection, Laktera Lions, Laktera Vit.


Proteins are the basic constructive material for the human body. The irreplaceable amino acids in our probiotic products are absorbed directly by the organism, which results in a quick restoration of the cells and regulation of the functions of the vital organs and systems.

  • Biomilk Colon, Ostotonin, Hepanorm are suitable balanced functional foodstuffs immediately after operations, for tube-fed patients, for patients fed with liquids or mess, and they provide all necessary for the system.
  • The above mentioned functional food combined with Laktera Forte, Laktera Lions, Biomilk Aloe Vera capsules are suitable for people with complications after operations, inflammations, wounds difficult to heal.