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The company was established in 2001. The whole capital is private. "Daflorn" LTD has no bank-credits and is not listed on any stock exchange. The company has two managers (together and separately) – Prof. reserve major-general Nikola Alexandrov D.Sc. and Dr. Daniela Petrova Ph.D.


Daflorn’s policy is to offer to the clients probiotic products of high quality, improving human health, as it combines scientific experience with high biotechnology. The main purpose of the company is to produce new products with Lactobacillus Bulgaricus that can improve the quality of life by introducing innovations. The basic rule of Daflorn is to create and produce entirely natural probiotic products that do not contain any preservatives, colouring agents and genetically manipulated microorganisms. Thus Daflorn works for increasing the competitive power of the company on the home and world market.

Daflorn is orientated towards constant enlargement of the range of the produced probiotic products in order to satisfy the increasing demands and health needs of the clients.

Daflorn agrees to abide by the workable legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union and to safeguard the safety of the probiotic functional food, wholefood supplements and cosmetics offered by the company.


All our products are protected by 13 patents and useful models and 7 trade marks. The overall estimate of the intangible assets of the company comes up to 10 millions euro. The intellectual property is the basic principle of the company. All products have been experimentally elaborated and clinically tested in leading medical institutions in Bulgaria - Medical Universities in Sofia, Varna and Pleven, National Institute for Emergency Medicine “N. Pirogov”, Military Medical Academy - Sofia, Bulgarian Academy of sciences, the National Oncological Disease Center - Sofia, National Centre of Hygiene, Medical Ecology and Nutrition – Sofia and other scientific institutes. Some of the products are object of a joint research and elaboration together with notable scientists from the University of Würzburg - Germany, Military Medical Academy in Hradec Králové – Czech Republic, Military Medical Academy – Warsaw, Company Meiji – Japan and Military Medical Academy in Saint Petersburg – Russia. Healthy people – pilots, submarine crews and volunteers, put to an experimental simulated ship wreck and air crash, were objects of clinical tests.

Clinical tests have been made on patients with skull or brain trauma, skin burns, various poisonings, including misuse of drugs and spirits, viral hepatitis, septic states, acute allergies and toxoallergic diseases. The products have been tested experimentally on animals for embryo toxicity, protection against radiation, effect on gastric ulcers.

The results from the researches were reported to prestigious scientific forums in Europe - Rome, Budapest, Bucharest, Paris, Athens, Warsaw, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, in Asia and Africa – Istanbul, Tripoli, Bagdad, Tokyo and in America – Philadelphia, Havana, etc.


"Daflorn MLM5" LTD is an exclusive trade representative of “Daflorn” LTD for Bulgaria. The products are distributed in Bulgaria by multilevel marketing.

"Daflorn" LTD has partners, exclusive representatives that sell the products in Cyprus, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria and England.

"Daflorn" LTD sells the products also in Denmark, Turkey and Japan.

Markets in China, Russia, Taiwan, Germany, Croatia, Vietnam, Italy, Singapore, South Korea are in process of registration and expansion.


The production base of "Daflorn" LTD is in the vicinity of Sofia. It is divided into two parts:

  • Production of the main probiotic substance
  • Scientific research, innovative technology, production of the end products and expansion of the market.

The production of the main probiotic substance and lyophilized monocultures is accomplished by “NDN BAC” LTD. It is a filial of “Daflorn” LTD. Daflorn is the proprietor of 100 % of its capital. "NDN BAC" LTD has introduced and working integrated system ISO 22000 : 2005 certificated by MOODY INTERNATIONAL, certificate ? Q 090722.

"Daflorn" LTD produces the end products and expands the internal and external market. The company elaborates and introduces into production new products and technologies independently and together with different scientific institutes.

The company has introduced a system for quality control ISO 9001 - 2008. The biotechnological production process is automated, therefore the company has a highly qualified personnel of 15 persons.

“Daflorn” LTD holds 50 % of the capital of the trade company for Bulgaria “Daflorn MLM5” LTD and 50 % of the capital of “Dark” LTD.


At the present time "Daflorn" LTD produces and offers 56 products:

  • 12 kinds of probiotic functional food under the trade mark Biomilk in packs of 0,250 kg; 0,100 kg and 0,010 kg;
  • 22 kinds of wholefood supplements in capsules under the trade marks Laktera (11 kinds – 30 capsules in a pack), Biomilk (8 kinds – 60 capsules in a pack), Magic Power (3 kinds; 2 kinds –60 capsules in a pack and 1 kind - 12 capsules in a pack);
  • 5 kinds of probiotic face packs under the trade mark Mariah’s face – 5 g in a pack;
  • 11 kinds of glycerin soaps under the trade marks Mariah’s face and Elegant pearl (6 kinds Mariah’s face and 5 kinds Elegant pearl –90 g in a pack);
  • original symbiotic yeasts (starting cultures) for production of Bulgarian yoghurt and raw dried sausages;
  • probiotic honey under the trade mark Daflorn in packs of 450 g;
  • probiotic wholefood supplements for bees, horses and stud-horses under the trade mark Laktilly;

The technological documentation for all the products that we produce is consulted and certified by the National Centre of Hygiene and Nutrition at the Ministry of Health of Republic of Bulgaria and the products have export certificates from Ministry of Health of Republic of Bulgaria. The strains contained in the products are registered in the Bulgarian National bank for microorganisms and cell cultures and they are not genetically manipulated.

We are going to put on the market soon 5 new probiotic functional foodstuffs and 5 new wholefood supplements in capsules.


Production of probiotic wholefood supplements for the industrial stock-breeding (chicken, lamb, calves and swine breeding) and domestic animals (cats, dogs).

Functional probiotic lyophilized food with different fruit, confectionary, ice-cream, etc.

Lactobacillus Bulgaricus – a gift from Gods!

Let belief, food and cure be a whole unit!

Let thy food be thy medicine!